GORILLAZ Escape to Plastic Beach Tour

Escape to Plastic Beach Tour
2010.12.03. HONG KONG Asia World Expo Arena

1. Orchestral Intro
2. Welcome to the World of the Plastic Beach (with Hypnotic Brass Ensemble)
3. Last Living Souls
4. 19/2000 (with Roses Gabor)
5. Stylo (with Bobby Womack and Bootie Brown)
6. On Melancholy Hill
7. Rhinestone Eyes
8. Superfast Jellyfish (with De La Soul)
9. Tomorrow Comes Today
10. Empire Ants (with Little Dragon)
11. Broken (with Hypnotic Brass Ensemble)
12. Dirty Harry (with Bootie Brown)
13. El Manana
14. White Flag (with Bashy)
15. To Binge (with Little Dragon)
16. DARE (with Roses Gabor)
17. Glitter Freeze
18. Punk
19. Plastic Beach
20. Cloud of Unknowing (with Bobby Womack)
21. Hong Kong (with Jenny Zeng)
22. Feel Good Inc. (with De La Soul)
23. Clint Eastwood (with Bashy)
24. Don’t Get Lost In Heaven
25. Demon Days (with Bobby Womack)